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Business issue: 

Data moves fast and the MSL team needs to keep up. However, turning out new assets on a short timeline can be difficult. Some specific issues the team may experience include: 

  • MSLs with no or limited bandwidth 
  • Question raised by KOL that is not included in current assets 
  • Need to develop a concise data story  

In this case, a small set of publications needed to be reviewed and analyzed to craft a scientific story for this short-timeline scientific slide deck. One of our projects involved a client had collated 19 journal articles, but did not have the time to dig into the materials. For another project, the client wanted the MSL team to have new slide decks to present during field meetings, so they arranged for slide decks about a variety of topics (e.g. disease state, clinical data, treatment landscape) to be built and deployed to the team on a monthly basis. 

A PowerPoint presentation can be a straightforward series of slides or it can include interactive features like menus, hyperlinks, triggers, and links to external data. 

Versant’s Solution: 

  • Delegate the project to an external team (i.e. vendor) that knows how to read the scientific literature, build scientific stories, and create concise and engaging scientific presentations All of Versant’s content creator’s have both Medical Affair field experience and instructional design training. 
  • Free up internal team members so that they can complete their daily tasks 
  • Design slide decks that can used internally and externally 

Specific Steps in the Versant Process: 

After having conversations with the clients regarding the projects, Versant quickly set to work.  

  1. Analyze articles provided by the client. 
  2. Extract important scientific points from the literature. 
  3. Curate additional scientific resources as needed. 
  4. Craft overall story told by the data. 
  5. Identify key images and data to tell the story. 
  6. Create a presentation with appropriate imagery, data points, and summaries. 
PowerPoint deck for Perivascular spaces and cognitive decline - Versant put together for a short-timeline scientific slide deck

Deliverables Provided by Versant 

  • Presentation deck in the format(s) of choice as determined by the client  
  • Short write-up for each journal article 
  • Repository of all images  
  • Summary document with outlined and referenced data and the concepts pulled from the articles  
  • Narrated video walk-through of the slide deck by the Versant creator to provide key insights, best practices for presenting the deck, and the key reasoning behind data selections 
  • Follow-up with the client after delivery at several timepoints to gather feedback  

We Would Be Happy to Discuss Your Data Strategy  

If you have a similar need, we’d be happy to discuss it with you.  

Whether you have a single concept you want developed into a presentation or need periodic injections of new presentation content – we can help. 

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