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In addition to training, we offer several other services designed to elevate the performance of your Medical Affairs team. Whether you’re launching a new product, a new team, or a new training portal, we can provide the expertise and support you need. 

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Strategies to Achieve Launch Success

Medical Affairs has a critical part to play in every phase of bringing a product to market, from pre-clinical to post-marketing.


  • A major growth driver of Medical Affairs has been the patent expiry of many blockbuster products, and the subsequent focus on specialty drugs. In 2017, nearly one quarter of all new FDA approvals were for biologics
  • A 2016 survey found that, Medical Affairs teams begin KOLs engagement 12–18 months prior to launch [2] Thus, training and content creation should begin 6–12 months prior to that, which means Medical Affairs must begin launch preparation 2–3 years prior to FDA approval.²
  • Medical Affairs is at the leading edge of a trend period as the industry shifts towards precision medicine. Investment by organizations have steadily increased. For example, from 2014 to 2016 MSL teams grew by 12% overall and 31% in specialty areas such as oncology
Versant - Strategies to Achieve Medical Affairs Launch Success
Versant - Creating a Learning Culture

Creating a Learning Culture

A rich learning culture does more than boost performance, it stimulates and engages employees by providing tangible evidence of professional growth.


  •  Top-performing organizations are five times more likely to have learning cultures, suggesting that a culture of learning is a key component of business success.
  • Technology has endless applications in helping you enhance learning culture. It could take the form of helping employees track and visualize their learning progress through an LMS and encouraging learner groups in social platforms like Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Yammer.
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