Custom Workshops

The live workshop, or instructor-led training (ILT), remains the most common format for employee training. 

Net spending on digital learning is increasing, but live training will continue to be a priority when human interaction is a key component of the job description.


Live training can be expensive, particularly for remote teams. To reduce costs, live training can be incorporated into company meetings. Not only does this decrease meeting costs but it also reduces time out of the field. 

An alternative is to deploy half-day live workshops. For flexibility, the start time can be scheduled so that attendees can arrive on the morning of the training.  


There are many options in the corporate training space that provide workshops on general topics like leadership and time management, but they may not be specific to the unique needs of your team.

Versant works with you to create a customized workshop focused on identified performance gaps. Our facilitators have experience working in and with Medical Affairs departments.


There are areas where simple knowledge transfer and rote memory of data is not sufficient. Creating space for practice in a safe environment can be very powerful.

58% or respondents surveyed reported that field teams need to improve effectiveness by creating customer experiences that build loyalty to the organization and brand.

We can help with that.

Live Discussion

Connecting the dots between new learning and an existing knowledge base is critical. Workshops that incorporate exercise to facilitate these connections are highly effective.

Facilitated discussion during learning experiences is one way to do this. And it is one reason why an experienced facilitator can be beneficial during a team exercise.

Group Discussions

The world of work is changing and 45% of the workforce is currently working in diverse teams.

Workshops that leverage the participants’ collective pool of knowledge are very powerful.  Examples include deep dives into specific data and topics (e.g., Data Crunches) and SWOT Analyses.


Versant can design individual webinars or series that can be presented live or recorded for on-demand viewing.

Alternatively, we can record your team’s webinars and edit them into smaller bites that can be archived for use as refreshers and new hire training.

We can help you prepare your team.


If you would like a workshop on a specific management philosophy, skill, or productivity hack we can create it with a Medical Affairs focus.

A recent survey identified that 63% of CEOs are increasingly worried about finding talent with the right skills. In fact, in some markets, a skill shortage is a reality.

For teams in need of advanced, targeted training, consider a live workshop focused on a recent business bestseller.

The war for talent is not
going away any time soon!

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