Could Your Medical Affairs Training Be More Effective?

Deliver training that efficiently and effectively educates and aligns your team.

Effective Data Conversations and Scientific Storytelling

When learning experiences resonate with your team,
they communicate their knowledge more effectively.

Medical Excellence Requires Constant Learning

Medical Affairs is not a nice-to-have. Why should your training be?

No More Death by PowerPoint

Visually and mentally engaging training for your team

Create a Productive Medical Affairs Team

Turn knowledge into productive relationships in the field

Innovation Doesn't Have to be Expensive

Investment in team training can be more cost-effective than using FTEs to develop content.  Streamline and optimize.

Bring Your Team into the Digital Age

Digital learning options offer interactive, scenario-based learning experiences that can be deployed, completed, and updated on-demand

There are no refunds; learners cannot get their time back if we waste it.

Michael Allen

CEO, Allen Interactions, Inc.

Two Minute Overview of Versant’s Capabilities



The challenge of content relevancy refers to the need to provide training content that is current, appropriately curated, timely and perceived by learners to be relevant to their jobs Education Media Group

Information Has a Short Shelf Life

The 2018 Workplace Learning Report found that skills have a short half-life – less than 3 years! This value may be a good average for industries at equilibrium, but Medical Affairs Departments are in constant flux.  Continuous learning is the balance needed between current demands and the future state of the market.

Train for Today, Prepare for Tomorrow

The market is competitive, and employees expect employers to prep them for tomorrow.  Employee turnover in large organizations is reported to be 16%. Talent development helps teams surpass market challenges and perform under pressure. You can shape tomorrow’s strategy while supporting current performance gaps.

New tools open new possibilities to design and deliver training with increased effectiveness,
both for the performance of the individual learner and the organization. Ken Taylor, CPTM

President, Training Industry, Inc.

Change Is the Only Constant

The types of skill sets most valued in today’s marketplace are constantly shifting. One study found that soft skills were top priority for many companies in 2018, but we know that in Medical Affairs, soft skills are only one priority.

In today’s business environment, the top medical priority in Q1 may change by Q3 and team training must be equally flexible.  Fundamentally, training is a business-driver demonstrated by the application of skills on the job.

Capabilities for selecting relevant and disregarding irrelevant information, recognizing patterns in information, interpreting and decoding information as well as learning new and forgetting old skills are in increasing demand. Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development, Paris, 1996

Collection of Work

The Versant Learning portfolio provides examples of visual styles, types of interactions, and design information.  Versant can integrate with your existing branding guidelines or build a new design to your specifications.

Keeping It All Together

The sphere of ‘knowledge’ was already doubling every 12 years back in 2013! The Versant Learning Solutions blog, Well Versed, is focused on topics that will help you grow and maintain an exceptional Medical Affairs Team.


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