Could Your Medical Affairs Training Be More Effective?

Deliver training that efficiently and effectively educates and aligns your team.

Crack the Product Launch Code

Medical Affairs is unique – it is critical in all phases of a successful launch.

Effective Data Conversations and Scientific Storytelling

When learning experiences resonate with your team, they communicate their knowledge more effectively.

Empower Your Team

Educating motivated people is easy. The trick is teaching smart people how best to use that knowledge.

No More Death by PowerPoint

Visually and mentally engaging Medical Affairs training for your team.

Innovation Doesn't Have to be Expensive

Investment in team training can be more cost-effective than using FTEs to develop content.  Streamline and optimize.

Bring Your Team into the Digital Age

Digital learning options offer interactive, scenario-based learning experiences that can be deployed, completed, and updated on-demand.


Managed Care/HEOR Support

Scientific Communications Support

Medical Information Support

Scientific Platforms

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Instructor-Led Training

Communication Planning

Audio/Video Services


Spaced Learning

Medical Affairs Products

Two Minute Overview of Versant’s Capabilities

“Having a vendor that can “do it all”, on time, and in a fiscally responsible way is a massive advantage, especially in a push toward launch.”

– Melissa, Director of Medical Affairs
“They understand what training is important because they have years of experience in MA in various roles from being MSLs to management to training.”

– Nikkilina Crouse, PhD
Senior Medical Science Liaison, Adamas Pharmaceuticals
“I was extremely pleased with Versant’s levels of engagement and productivity as we partnered to develop a curriculum optimal to our needs.”

– Scott Siegert, PharmD, MBA
Executive Director, Clinical and Medical Affairs
“Being an MSL is so much more than regurgitating scientific or clinical facts – Versant understands this.”

– Mike Vredenburg
Head of Medical Affairs, Dova Pharmaceuticals

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