Medical Writing & Editing

Effectively and clearly describe research results, product use, and other medical information.


  • Pre-clinical and clinical studies  
  • Review articles
  • Treatment Algorithms
  • White papers

Conference Posters

  • Poster design and layout
  • Writing and editing
  • Creation of figures and tables
  • Printing and shipping

Medical Info Letters

  • Writing and editing
  • Data updates and revisions
  • Transform text into visuals – infographics 

Medical Editing

  • Manuscripts, posters, slide decks
  • Fact-check
  • Re-writes
  • Reformat for a new journal


Symposia & Executive Summaries

  • Symposia and medical meetings
  • Advisory boards
  • Data training and workshops

Podium Presentations
& Late-Breakers

  • Slide deck design and structure
  • Speaker notes
  • Original figures and tables



“They fulfilled all of our publications and training needs while allowing us to maintain a brain trust with our data.”
– Melissa, Director of Medical Affairs

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