Training Services

Educating motivated people is easy. The trick is teaching smart people how to use the data. Whether it’s new hire on-boarding, science and medicine, or professional skills, we can build it.


Engage your employees from the moment they join your team. We help organizations support new team members to full productivity quickly.

Therapeutic Area

Upgrade from didactic lectures to innovative formats like business scenarios, critical analyses of data, and safe zones to practice new skills.

Professional Skills

Medical Affairs is no longer a support function, it’s a cornerstone.  For optimal productivity, your team requires upgraded business skills.

Leadership & Management

Do you have a team of high-potentials moving up the ladder? Do you need to fine-tune your current management team?  We can help.

Learning Portal & Admin

No time to manage training deployment?  Let Versant manage your training program for you. If you use your own system – that works too.

Custom Workshops

Have you identified a performance gap? Let’s discuss your current state and provide options to help your team move forward.

Barriers to Effective Medical Affairs Training

Several common pain points can be solved by outsourcing your Medical Affairs training.


  • Building (and paying for) redundant training materials due to cross-functional silos.
  • Utilizing high performing MA associates, which results in time away from their primary role. It also assumes they have the specialized skills to create quality training content.
  • Training departments can be costly. For some, in-house training is not financially feasible and for others it may not even be necessary.

Remote Training Program Benefits

Training that is both enduring and always up-to-date.


  •  “On-demand” or “just-in-time” training is well suited to Medical Affairs. Learners can fit it in around fieldwork, conference calls, and other demands that make live meetings and webinars inconvenient.
  • The format decreases program duration and increases retention. We use short, 5 to 10 minute segments and interactive “real-life” scenarios that are relevant and immediately applicable.
  • Training can be deployed immediately and repeatedly and can be updated quickly. Critical information like SOPs and label updates can be rolled out in weeks instead of months (or never).

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