Product Launch

Organizations have one chance to make a first impression. Help your product resonate with KOLs.

We Can Help

Medical teams are generally lean and do not have the excess capacity to successfully run a launch program while executing on the day-to-day.


Structural System Level Support

Get a few items off the your plate when you have bandwidth issues. Delegate tasks with confidence!


Payload System Level Support

Extend your Medical Affairs team without bringing on new people; we are your extra set of hands.


Guidance System Level Support

Delegate an entire project from the larger Project Launch spreadsheet. We will get it done! 

Propulsion System Level Support

We can be a sounding board and your agency. This is especially good for small teams or those without launch experience.

Orbit Level Support

Your partner for all phases – before, during, and after launch. Success!

5 levels of support for product launch

What Level of Support Does Your Launch Require?

Every launch is unique. The demands and deliverables required of Medical Affairs will likewise be unique. 

Bain & Company suggest organizing a launch like a micro-battle. Focus on strategic issues for Medical Affairs. Even when planning for the launch, be prepared to flex and pivot should market conditions change.

We are prepared to provide the support level you require.

Where in the Process Can We Assist You?

Your needs may differ from one launch to another:

new product; line extension; device; technology; new MSL team; or a focus on payer support. 

We are flexible to help you be flexible.

Launch Meetings

Planning (Live or virtual)

Materials creation

Communication streams


Speaker preparation


Materials Creation

Field  & internal team

Disease state

Managed Markets

Data training

Scenario based training

Skills Building

Webinar series

Ongoing education

Knowledge application


Presentation visuals

Team Certification

Curriculum creation

Online testing

Proctored testing

Live application evaluation

Territory Management



Success Factors

MSL as entrepreneur

Post-Launch Support

Spaced repetition activities

Using key data points

Updated data points

What’s new communications

Common tasks in the launch process.

Supported Medical Affairs Launches

Launch experience in Medical Affairs is relatively rare. There is a high demand for employees with experience launching products.

Our team has experience with various types of products. Some were never brought to market. Others were line extensions. Some were never formally launched. We even have been on teams bringing a biosimilar to market! 

Product Launch is Critical to Success


Medical Affairs product launch sets the trajectory for product success in the market. The pre-launch period is critical.

Roadmap Planning

Launch execution is a leading indicator of product outcome at one year. In fact, launch success indicates success during the entire duration of patent exclusivity. Medical establishes product credibility and awareness.


Execute & Monitor

Relationships with external expert relationships engage the market and establish uptake. Medical shares new data and listens. 


Launches are a big deal in the pharmaceutical industry. McKinsey research find that only 25% of launches are for highly differentiated drugs. The roadmap is different every time.

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