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A critical component of preparing your team of confident individual contributors for the future is leadership training. An added bonus? Upskilling your team for future success is a proactive retention mechanism.

Does the human resources (HR) department provide the support you need for your team? Often, the services provided by HR require supplementation at the team or department level.  It is difficult to provide the training and performance support needed to all the roles across an organization.

Leadership and management training is not beneficial only to people managers and those aspiring to management roles. Given the matrix structure of many departments today, it’s valuable to the business if your entire team acts as a leader in the organization. Prioritizing opportunities to learn about and discuss people management and leadership topics provides value to your entire team.

Companies with comprehensive leadership training achieve 218% higher income per employee.
Association for Talent Development (ATD)

Leadership, at the individual contributor and manager level, is what differentiates your team.


With planning and preparation, your team can add tremendous value throughout the organization through their individual and group leadership.


John C Maxwell teaches a concept he calls ‘The Law of the Lid’.  The takeaway is that the capability of an organization’s leadership is a lid on the organization’s overall performance.


Does that resonate with you?


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