Therapeutic Area Training

To remain relevant to HCPs and stakeholders, Medical Affairs associates need to be the go-to experts on the latest developments within their TA. Associates need to understand the TA not just in terms of the data, but also in the context of the organization’s medical strategy.

Gaining insight into how health care professionals practice medicine, interpret scientific literature, and stay abreast of new developments requires a deep knowledge of a therapeutic area (TA). 

Therapeutic Foundation

  • Disease State
  • Treatment Landscape
  • Clinical Data
  • Article analysis
  • PI Review
  • FAQs
  • Competitor analyses

Advanced Data Training

  • Annotated documents
  • TA & industry updates
  • Rapid Release new publication
  • Rapid release PI review
  • Document organization
  • Libraries
  • Periodic data

Customized Data Training

  • Custom workshop creation
  • Custom workshop delivery
  • Train the trainer workshops
  • PPT presentations
  • Product Dashboards
  • Internal strategies and tactics
  • Facilitated journal reviews
  • Video/Audio recording

Components of a Great Training Program

  • Organized, curated content
  • Easy to access articles
  • Variety of modalities
  • Modules with clear objectives 
  • Assess comprehension
  • Direct role application
  • Ability to practice 
  • Timely feedback
  • Discussion opportunities
  • Access in remote locations
  • Content available indefinitely
  • Frequent updates 

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