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Computer screen showing first image from on boarding module introducing to team


New hires join the Medical Affairs team on a rolling basis.  Rarely does an entire team start training together.  How do you make a new hire feel like they have some idea who is on the team and a little bit about them?  Introduce the virtually!



Given that team members are remote, it is important to introduce them to the entire team as quickly as possible.  In this example, the client chose to make introductions via a short module.  The module was to put a name to a face and provide the impetus to begin developing a stronger relationship with those on the team.



Take a team roster and geographic map and create an interactive module that would ‘introduce’ the new hire to members of the team.  Include some interesting information about each team member so that the new hire will feel encouraged to engage with them on phone calls, via email, and by phone.



eLearning module created in Articulate 360 that required the new hire to type in their name and take actions. Images were from the home office of the organization to create a sense of reality.  The module introduced the new team member to all of those already on the team.



As part of an onboarding curriculum, the content provided a rapid way to begin merging the new hire with the team.  Meet the team virtually so teleconferences and other virtual meetings feel less awkward for the new hire.



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July 30, 2018

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