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Journal articles are written to be as dense as possible.  When presenting clinical trial data, it is can be compelling to unpack all the data and find the story underneath the means and medians.


New clinical trial data was about to publish on their drug.  The management team expected a lot of interest in the medical community regarding the new data and wanted their team to be ready to discuss the data and bring back critical feedback.


Create materials that can be used in a range of field discussions.  Link visuals to data sources. Think of the most common ways that field conversations may go and create experiences for each of them.


  • Dashboard launchpad
  • Connections made between disparate endpoints
  • Data links to external content to facilitate discussions
  • Dense data tables were exploded into useful content for review
  • Clinical trial told as a story from the perspective of the researchers conducting the study


The team has materials that they were able to deploy in the field immediately.  The team received a lot of great feedback from KOLs and internal stakeholders that also received positive comments about the team’s preparation.  The team was very happy with management for providing the materials that were easy to use remotely.


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July 30, 2018

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