First screen for a Therapeutic Update


Medicine is constantly adding and refining the body of knowledge.  The same occurs with FDA approved medicines.  An update to a package insert is a great opportunity to engage with a healthcare provider.  Discussing changes to the current body of knowledge will benefit the patients using the product – today and in the future.


Provided an updated FDA package insert as well as some materials their team uses in the field.  They wanted their team trained on the new information so they would be comfortable during field discussions.


We created a short interactive eLearning to deploy to the team for their education.  We used this format as the changes were to a few sections of the package insert and were explained by data that was familiar to the team.


  • Interactive eLearning created
  • Deployed on their LMS system
  • Reinforced appropriate data sources to use
  • Provided annotated PDF for performance support
  • Assessment built into the module for auditing purposes


The team was able to review the material as their schedule allowed.  Reporting analytics available to management for follow-up and coaching. Healthcare providers were educated on the new information related to an important drug in the therapeutic category.


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July 30, 2018

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