Computer screen showing a scientific data slide with annotations on the panels


When discussing new scientific data, it is comfortable to get focused on the specifics.  Percentages. Spread. p-values. However, your audience needs to understand where to look and why that specific information is key.


Brought a series of decks created by their team members over a series of years.  The decks lacked consistently and the key features of basic science data were unclear.


Create a slide deck(s) that identified key elements of the data.  Highlight critical data elements for team members.  Discuss why certain data points would be beneficial to share with KOLs.


  • Streamlined slide deck
  • Data shared as a story to keep listener interest
  • Data support documents for team review before an interaction
  • Key data elements were highlighted with the author’s conclusions
  • Built with natural points to stop for discussion with an audience


The team has a deck that they can easily deploy in the field for feedback.    Data is ‘annotated’ in the deck which provides a point for discussion with healthcare providers.

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