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Overall Training Challenge:

A team lead approached Versant Learning with interest in developing a live workshop for use with their team. The team was new and formed in preparation of a drug launch. 

The leader was experiencing pressure to ensure that pre-launch field activities were on target. However, the field team level of experience was mixed. For many on the team, this was a new therapeutic area and they were not familiar with the KOLs.  

They identified a need to to support the team and provide tools to help MSLs succeed in the field. The workshop was designed to use their product data and their scientific exchange objectives.  


Versant identified the key areas of concerns regarding communication. 

Potential topics were prioritized based on the overall meeting agenda and team needs.  

Options for agenda items and interactive pieces were proposed to the client, with flexibility for their own ideas and concerns. 

Data relevant to the team was collected.  

Specific interactions were created in close partnership with the client’s team. Data elements were incorporated into workshops, demonstrations, and activities. 

Changes to attendance numbers were swiftly incorporated into the workshop days before going live. 

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April 27, 2020

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