Quick synopsis – Use video in your Medical Affairs training to engage today’s learners.

How much video content do you consume in your daily life?


Cute cat videos on social media?

I bet more than you did even three years ago!

Consider adding training videos to your learning environment.

Deeper Dive

The videos don’t have to be too long. Training videos are best if they focus on a single concept and last no more than 7 minutes. Short, targeted, concentrated content is called microlearning.

Think about a section in a larger PowerPoint deck in a live presentation. The content likely focuses on a single point to be made – perfect for a short video!

You don’t have to have professionally created videos – although it is nice if they can look a bit polished. Many iPhone videos have done very well as training content. Why not yours? If you do want to add a bit of pizzaz, then make some consistent edits.

You can do simple editing on PowerPoint by removing the beginning and ending, but software like Camtasia makes it easy to add in callouts and interesting zoom options. You can even edit out mistakes, filler words, or irrelevant information for a specific audience.

The videos don’t require professional actors – of any faces at all. You can screen capture from your laptop or create a short, animated video. If your team needs to see how to complete a new process on Veeva, what better way to teach it to them than have a short video walking them through the process?

You don’t have to schedule a time to videotape and capture the content. Consider recording and editing your internal training calls.

Why have calls that the team only views live?

Why make someone listen to the entire 60 minutes in one go – including the chit-chat at the beginning?

With some simple editing, you can create a video training series that the team can use repeatedly. Insert a short video in a presentation, add it to an email, have videos available on an internal website or social learning platform.

If this all sounds great but still too much work for your team, then consider reaching out to a vendor to expand your bandwidth. Versant Learning Solutions would be happy to help! 

Proven Value for Medical Affairs

Versant Learning supports Medical Affairs teams to develop and operate efficiently in the VUCA world!

Versant can work on a single project or for an ongoing project.

Versant Learning has experience creating whiteboard videos, animated skills training, screencasts, technical training- all on video. Let’s chat!

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