Discuss a case study with an image series

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Tablet with image from an eLearning module

Overall Training Challenge:

The Medical Director at a small pharmaceutical company reached out for a consult. They wanted the team to be aware of a case study that was recently published. The case study was appropriate for disease state awareness AND could be used proactively in the field. Due to the small size of the field team, it was very hard to schedule webinars at a time where all MSLs could attend.


The content included a short case report on a single patient. Calling a meeting specifically for this content was not a good use of valuable field time. Therefore, Versant Learning Solutions created a short microlearning that featured the images included in the case report. The content was hosted on a secure intranet site, outside of the LMS, so that the team could access it easily. Even residing outside of the LMS, xAPI statements were sent back to the learning management system for reporting.

More information on the project: Coming Soon

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June 16, 2019

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