Quick synopsis – Ensure videos in medical training are story-centered.

Everyone loves a story. You lean in when someone starts talking by saying, “Let me tell you about the time….”

It is human nature.

Stories in Business

Even a business case tells a story – the current state, how it could be better if something changed, how making the suggested change or providing the proposed budget will move the business forward to a new, better outcome.

Why a story?

The outcome of the story sticks in the mind of your learner.

Your immediate reaction may be that it would be inappropriate to share stories during Medical Affairs training.

You may be hearing HIPAA echoing in your mind.


Patient Centricity in Pharma

Isn’t pharma patient-centered?

Don’t websites and direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising provide vignettes of patients that derive value from the marketed medication?

Pharmaceuticals base the value proposition on the narrative that the product will allow the patient to regain quality of life, do things they could not do in the past, or strike out on new adventures.

Medical Affairs training videos should be story-centered.

Storytelling beats a dry procedure document

Even the training modules and presentations about compliance topics!

What would be more memorable – reading the SOP and reflecting on why this legal-ese may be relevant to what you do in the field every day or a story about someone who encountered a compliance issue on the job and had to resolve it appropriately – using the rules in the SOP?

Storytelling in the medical literature

What is a case report or case series other than a story-centered medical investigation?

Isn’t every journal article a story? They are! It doesn’t matter if the focus is basic science or a clinical trial readout.

A person confronts a reality where things are hard and searches for a better path forward. At least, that is one common story structure.

Try it and let me know how it works for you!

Are you having trouble telling your story?

Sometimes it can be helpful to have someone help develop the narrative. Versant Learning Solutions can help. Whether it is a final tweak on a presentation or developing a curriculum presented with engaging stories throughout, we can help your team bring the vision to life.

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