The Benefits of Investing in Medical Affairs Training

After years of informal and unstructured training ‘programs’ (e.g., slide decks and reading lists), Medical Affairs organizations are increasingly recognizing the need for formalized training programs.


Versant Learning Solutions has the expertise to help you realize the many benefits of investing in a Medical Affairs training program.


The default when designing a curriculum is to focus on scientific and clinical data, but the possibilities are much broader: improved slide decks; product dashboards; onboarding; tutorials on internal systems; updates on industry standards, policies, and SOPs; professional, leadership, and people management development. We could go on.


No Team? No Problem


Teams operate lean in today’s pharmaceutical industry and many organizations have no dedicated training function in Medical Affairs.  Many teams use a high-performing MSL or allocate a single FTE.  Using a service provider benefits teams by expanding their ability to generate training content without adding more personnel.

We Focus on YOU


Versant is focused on Medical Affairs managers and trainers.  You don’t need to worry that your vision, specific needs, and objectives will be lost over the course of the project. We are your subject matter experts for training and operations.

Budget Conscious


In Medical Affairs you fight for every budget dollar. The gap between Sales and Medical budgets can be wide! Versant will explore multiple solutions so that you can successfully meet both your training objectives and your budget.  Benefit from our experience.

Real World Relevance


Training must directly benefit the learner. How many times has a meeting facilitator called team members ‘sales reps?’ Has a speaker ever mentioned the ‘number of scripts written’ last month?  Despite best intentions, the individual providing the training did not understand their audience.  Training should be relevant to your team and include scenarios and decision points that happen in Medical Affairs.


Immediately Applicable


Your team may know the data, but can they communicate it effectively? Turn ‘facts’ into ‘conversations’ with training designed to immediately improve communication, credibility, and rapport with customers and stakeholders.

Training for Smart People 


It can be difficult to adequately engage and challenge highly educated professionals with new training. Slide decks and a reading list do not engage learners. Effective training educates and aligns associates so that they perform as a cohesive, high-functioning team. Increased engagement on the job benefits the organization’s mission.

Demonstrable Improvement


Proving that your team is more than a cost center is critical.  With targeted Medical Affairs training, team members are more productive, practical, and efficient in their roles. And, with careful design of outcomes measures, you can link training investment to business outcomes, like increased KOL interactions or improved employee retention. What benefit will you experience?

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