Versant Learning Solutions Features

If Versant was an oven, it would be a self-cleaning convection oven with a warming bin and a smooth stovetop. Lots of great features! But, alas, Versant is not an oven.

Our services have different features – like a consumer product – although they may not be as obvious to the consumer.

The content we build and the instructional design techniques we apply are drawn from three main sources:

  1. Our scientific research training from our doctorate programs.
  2. Our clinical and professional expertise from more than a decade in the pharmaceutical industry, most of it devoted to roles in Medical Affairs.
  3. Our experience in the field of adult learning principles and training technologies.


A course or an entire curriculum. We advise but you decide.

Extend Your Team

Get projects completed without a long term employee commitment.

Augment Content

Don’t scrap your valuable content!  Use what you have and add or update.

Personalized Content

Buying off-the-shelf means it is meant for every team – not YOUR team.


No big tolls.  Extend your budget and pay as you go.


Training can be optimized for any device or for special equipment.


Periodic training refreshers of key concepts enhance your return.

Just in Time

Create materials to support your team at the point of need.

Continuous Education

Establish a flow of materials to keep you team on point.

Evidence Based

Evidence is our guiding principle. No learning myths here!


Use your LMS or ours. You can deploy training or leave it to us.

On Demand

Short trainings can be completed when the learner has the time.

User Experience

Design with the learner in mind so that content is easily accessed and the interface is intuitive.


Want some hard data to support your investment in training? We can do that.

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